Dark Skies

In response to increasing concerns expressed by residents, the Dark Skies subcommittee was formed at the November 2009 Sky Valley Community Council meeting to explore the development of an educational and public awareness campaign for controlling light pollution in Sky Valley.

The Dark Skies campaign thanks the Sky Valley Chamber and Community Center and the Sky Valley Homeowners Association for offering space in their monthly newsletters to publish its news.

Click here to view the past Dark Skies posts.


JANUARY 2014: The latest news on the Dark Skies front is that reasonably priced light fixtures that comply with the Dark Skies ordinance are readily available at local hardware stores. Click here to view some alternatives to replace those unshielded yard lights that threaten our enjoyment of dark skies.


Click here to open a printable pdf file of our Dark Skies Awareness package that you can share with your neighbors. If you would like a letter sent to a neighbor from the committee asking for them to modify their lighting, contact us at svcommunitycenter@gmail.com.

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